We are a non-profit paranormal research couple who reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our main research takes place in Edmonton, but we are interested in paranormal events in Alberta, other parts of Canada, and the rest of the world.

Please take time to check our site out and relate to us any paranormal experience you have had or are having. Feel free to contact us and submit photos for our Spooky Submissions guest gallery (pictures chosen are at our discretion) and tell us if you know of any places that are haunted.

We are available for talks and seminars on the subject of detecting the paranormal, ghost investigations, and spirit rescue. We also counsel adults and children in handling their psychic abilities and dealing with paranormal phenomena.

If you are having an experience with ghosts or some other form of paranormal activity, please call and we will come over with our equipment and do a thorough investigation (no charge).

If you have a spirit that is negative or is scaring you, we can perform a spirit rescue/removal (or ghost banishing) and send them in to the light. However, because of the sheer volume of people asking for spirit removals and our time and gas costs, we are forced to charge $50.00 cash only, per visit in the city of Edmonton and $75.00 cash only, for out-of-town cases. For places that are more than 100 km out of town, we will negotiate a price to cover costs.

Either way, we should be able to tell you something about the spirits in your home (who they are, physical descriptions, if they have a connection to you or your home).

NOTE: We are one of the few paranormal groups in North America that do paranormal investigations and spirit rescue together.

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