3 comments on “Does This Dress Make Me Look Dead?

  1. Time. I once worked in a cinema with a framed photograph of a swimming pool in the 1950s on the wall. The old people were wearing what old people wear now. They could’ve been from now. The younger people were from the 1950s. Why has youth style progressed at a different speed to elderly person style?


    • Elderly people (living) usually wear comfortable clothes that are in shops or department store areas for older adults. Young people shop in every area of stores and almost every style, so their style is always changing. When people pass, they will present themselves as they want people to see them. Youthful style is always progressive, but now as the baby boomers are getting older, you are going to see more creative dress for the elderly in the future as we are children of the sixties and the rebelliousness and creativity have stuck from the hippy stage, through punk rock and into the new millennium.


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